xeokit is an open source SDK from xeolabs for developing browser-based model viewing applications for engineering.

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Viewing Double-Precision Models

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Viewing Small-to-Medium Models

We can load small models directly into a xeokit viewer, using various loader plugins that parse them in the browser. The performance of these plugins does not generally scale up well for large models, but they are great for conveniently experimenting and developing with the xeokit SDK.

Viewing an IFC Model with WebIFCLoaderPlugin

Viewing a CityJSON Model with CityJSONLoaderPlugin

Viewing Large Models

To efficiently view large models with xeokit, we recommend first pre-converting them to xeokit's Web-friendly XKT format, which xeokit can load quickly. Each of the following mini-guides describes how to convert a different source format into XKT, and view it in the browser with a xeokit Viewer.

Viewing an IFC Model with XKTLoaderPlugin

Viewing Federated IFC Models

Viewing a CityJSON Model with XKTLoaderPlugin

Viewing a LAS Point Cloud with XKTLoaderPlugin

Viewing a glTF Point Cloud with XKTLoaderPlugin